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FAQ - General Information

Based on the client's necessities and aspirations, an Interior Designer develops residential and/or commercial projects, ponding aspects such as functionality, safety, comfort aesthetic of spaces.

Their work entitles environmental planning and includes everything from the choice of the color palette to project execution.

An Interior Architect performs an architectural analysis on the existing project, offering suggestions that are considered beneficial for a better flow and use of the space, such as lighting and electrical adaptations, false ceiling, etc. Choosing coating and finishing materials, and design of static elements, such as: wardrobes, shelves, etc.

An Interior Designer has an academic background, and while planning the spaces, they pay attention to various norms and techniques regarding work execution. They aim to achieve goals, functionalities, and aesthetic aspects based on the client's briefing and with the knowledge of an expert professional team of excellence. A decorator's primary focus is aesthetics and trends, in a more intuitive and less technical way.

An Atelier ARS-ID interior design project's stages are the following:  An interview with the client; Fee proposal submission; Project development; Approval of the space design proposal; Supply budget and respective approval; Execution and assembly of the work.

After the design project is approved, it moves on to a supply budgeting phase, and after its approval, the project execution phase begins, that is, purchases and works.

An Interior Designer is a professional who has all the necessary knowledge to figure the most suitable solutions regarding producing a functional, comfortable, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming environment. A Designer can make a notable difference by simply renovating or organizing the space.

The client's well-fair and comfort are fundamental aspects that concern the Atelier ARS-ID. As a result, we own the necessary resources and technical experience to design the best project possible and most suitable regarding the client's expectations.

Another aspect worth mention is the Atelier's services and supplied products warranty. In addition to previous information, it is essential to emphasize that Designers grasp the technical language of Architects, Contractors, and Engineers and, therefore, pass on information in a more optimized manner.

The span of a meeting always relies on how much prepping both parties have done. The gathering will be purposeful if clients already know what they crave most, their constraints, and how much they wish to invest. Regarding the Interior Designer professional, being as experienced as the Atelier ARS-ID, they will know what to ask precisely, which will shorten the time spent and ease the process.

Usually, it tops out at one modification throughout the whole project, but it is always conditional towards the initial agreement made with the Designer or Atelier that provides the service. Nevertheless, when professionals interview the client thoroughly, they can gather crucial information about the client's likes and dislikes and room purposes, which will lead to an assertive project, as it is common practice in our Atelier ARS-ID.

FAQ - What the Customer needs to know

Every time you have a new property (for personal or third-party usage), you should hire an Interior Designer to get the best out of your new investment. Another pivotal moment to choose this professional is before a property acquisition, whether for remodeling or space reorganization.

An Interior Architect can have an impact when you buy a property in the pre-construction stage, by helping you to customize the interior space, making it more suitable for what you want. It is up to this professional to find the best solutions in terms of function, choose proper materials, and monitor construction work to be carried out.

First and foremost, clients should check the Interior Designer's previous works and understand if these projects meet their style. 

Next, if the client can relate to the Interior Designer's style and creates an empathetic connection with the professional, thus a project will prosper. It is observed that a company awarded nationally and internationally, with many years in the market, is an additional guarantee for the client that they will have a project tailored to their needs with an excellent final result.

Before getting in touch with an Interior Designer, it is decisive to be clear about what you aspire to do and what amount of money you want to invest. When coming into contact with the Atelier Ana Rita Soares, you must have a clear plan about: which rooms you need us to intervene in, your goals, what purpose you wish to confer each space, and which pieces of furniture or decoration you want to reuse. Look for inspirational images to show the Designer and explain what you prize most. Finally, set the value you have available for the project.

The client's whole involvement throughout an Interior Design project should be from primary interviews until budget approval. During the execution stage, it is no longer necessary the client's presence. Exceptions concerning any doubts or uncommon questions on the part of the team may require further client-designer communication. The Atelier is in charge and is responsible for all executions, deliveries and assemblies on the spot.

FAQ - The Atelier ARS-ID

The Atelier Ana Rita Soares takes on integral Design and/or Interior Architecture projects - from conception to execution and final delivery.

Yes, the Atelier Ana Rita Soares only performs a project if it runs from start to finish because that is the only way we warranty our projects' quality. The warranty covers the services and products provided, complying with the indicative deadlines and budgets.

The Atelier ARS-ID has the ability and power to tackle different projects’ sizes.

The Atelier ARS-ID's most relevant projects are on our website - - also, on the Atelier's social networks (references are on the website) and in magazines such as Lux Deco, Urbana, Mobiliário em Notícia, Anteprojectos, and so on. Additionally, the Atelier provides an institutional brochure containing the most recent and awarded works to the client.

In Portugal, the Atelier develops projects in Lisbon, Setúbal, Coimbra, Porto, Viseu, Braga, Guimarães, different cities in Alentejo such as Monsaraz, Montemor-o-Novo and Arraiolos, and Portuguese islands. In reality, from the North of the country to the South. We developed projects abroad in London, the USA, and Angola. All work carried out abroad by the Atelier is in person.

The Atelier ARS offers the following services:

  • Technical drawings and detailed plans of the property or divisions to be intervened;
  • Selection of coatings and finishes, both in Architecture and Interior Design;
  • Monitoring from the conceptual and creative phase to execution and delivery;
  • Selection, design, production, budget, and purchasing of furniture and decorative objects;
  • Art consulting;
  • 3D design of the Interior Designer and Architecture project;
  • 360º virtual tour (optional).

Ergonomic, sustainability, and environmental impact are notions that constantly reside in every project done by the Atelier. The Atelier designers favor choosing recyclable or renewable materials and objects that are more energy efficient.

All employees of Atelier Ana Rita Soares have university degrees in Architecture, Design and/or Interior Architecture.

The Atelier works with professionals trained in the design field and is deeply committed to its clients. The Atelier does not affiliate with any specific brand, and our goal is to provide the best service. Therefore, the choices made by us are unbiased.

By contracting the Atelier services, the client has the assurance to find qualified and empathetic professionals able to listen and seek the best solutions for their space. We guide, mediate and teach our customers, if suitable, to empower them to make the best choices to achieve a safe, functional, and aesthetically exquisite space. Finally, the Atelier creates tailored designs to the customer's desire, but with the technical knowledge and professionalism necessary to obtain the best final result.

FAQ - General About Budget

When potential clients request a budget for a project at Atelier Ana Rita Soares, we need them to provide information about: floor plans, property or room photos. 

We also need to understand if clients are open to intervention in terms of total interior architecture or partial (if any). Furthermore, we require an indication of whether they want everything new or to reuse some pieces of furniture and Art pieces. Finally, clients must provide their indicative budget (the amount they intend to invest).

After collecting all information written above, and if there is an opening in our schedule, we will conduct with clients a primary interview and present a project fees proposal. If there is an interest in proceeding with the project on its whole, we will start it.

The client must provide an indicative budget to ease the process and make the Design project more efficient. Creative freedom connects intrinsically with the client's power for investment since it dictates the choice of materials and their quality throughout the project.

The budget provided by the Atelier Ana Rita Soares is free of charge. However, we will present it only if we have an opening in our schedule to insert the project, and if every information is provided by the client.

The Atelier ARS-ID does not work with set values since each project is unique. Budgeting prices vary due to project size (property dimensions), location and the client's goals.

A project fees proposal is presented, on average, within seven days after the client delivers all information asked by the Atelier ARS-ID. An integral Interior Design project budget relies on property dimensions and location.

The client should approve a project or budget as soon as possible because the Atelier usually has a plan and a schedule to follow. We advise you not to exceed the deadline of one week since, in some cases, it is not possible to ensure price, delivery, or even the time execution, which ends up delaying the final delivery.

FAQ - Project Execution

By hiring the Atelier Ana Rita Soares services, you are employing a full service with all suppliers selected by us. This process promotes the most favorable results, maintaining the quality warranty of products and the services granted by the company.

An interior design project execution has an indicative span, provided by the Executive Project Director, and we report this period to the client during the process. Nevertheless, the Atelier always relies on third-party suppliers' delivery time and the availability of the assembly team. Delivery rates are determined at the time the materials’ orders are placed.

After approval of the supply budget, it is the company's responsibility to purchase, deliver, assemble and assure everything included therein. Next, the Atelier presents the final invoice.

Some stores and products work only with professionals. Through the Atelier, the customer has access to stores, brands, and products (national or international) whose existence is sometimes unknown to the client. However, some stores sell both to the final customer and professionals, though most items are not exclusive.

Yes, all clients are free to buy the items they want. Nevertheless, when you hire a professional, the proper attitude is to discuss the matter first with the professional to understand if the piece in question is suitable for the project or how to include it.