Bruna Santana - Hair Artist


Private Client

Bruna Santana - Hair Artist - ARS

The point of inspiration for this Hair Artist space was nature, the idea of transposing natural surroundings into the interior, through the use of glass, mirrored surfaces and comfort niches, creating an environment that helps relaxation, health and well-being underlined through premium aesthetics.

Client's feedback

"Through a thorough briefing (with a unique ability to listen to my desires) added to an extraordinary flexibility, Ana was able to take the ideas that were in my head, transform them and materialize into images – 3D Projects. I found this amazing. This commercial project is my life, it's about my life, and I'm very grateful to Ana for being able to understand the importance of this project for me. The project was done without changes, and it was perfect. I really love it."

Bruna Santana

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