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An innovative ceramic-tiled space was the basis for the Live | Sushi & Spa project. These environments were designed with the aim of being settings that appeal to conviviality, relaxation and leisure.Winner of the European Property Awards 2017-2018, this space, which exists in a showroom context, can be transposed to a home or a bar or even a spa, due to its versatility.

The space consists of a lobby/bar area which houses a Sushi Bar that develops around the counter and where all the structures, including the fixed furniture, have been covered in ceramic tiles with the aim of combining materials with different plasticities. It also houses a solarium and spa area, where the calm of warm white and gray tones coexist in harmony with soft blues reminiscent of water. Subtle chrome and gold details add a touch of distinction and depth to the space.


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From the Press

From the press

Love Ceramic Tiles - 10 Years Designers Projects - Ana Rita Soares

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