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Love Tiles - LIVE

Category Hotel, Business
Location Lisboa
Client Love Tiles
Year 2014

Innovative ceramic-lined space was the basis of Live | Sushi & Spa. We designed these environments to be scenarios that appeal to sociability, relaxation, and leisure. This European Property Awards-winning space exists in a showroom environment, and it can be applied to a house or a bar, or even a SPA, due to its versatility.

A space formed by a lobby/bar area that frames a Sushi Bar around the counter and where all the structures, including the fixed furniture, were covered with ceramic tiles to combine materials with varying degrees of plasticity. It also houses a solarium and SPA area, where the dominating effect is the calm conveyed by the warm white and gray tones that coexist in harmony among soft blues, resembling water. Subtle details in chrome and gold bring a touch of distinction and depth to this space.

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Love Ceramic Tiles - 10 Years Designers Projects - Ana Rita Soares


& Collaborations

In this collaboration with Love Tiles, it was possible to create contrasts between ceramics with different properties. The bar area, the kitchen island/counter was framed by a niche lined with white and gold chips from the Parfum collection, which resembles a crochet backdrop. We executed loveseats in the table area with Wonder coating. We applied the contemporary and cosmopolitan Acqua and Neve collections in the spa and solarium area, which is an extension of the lobby/bar environment.

The use of Ground White floor coating and the strong presence of the color white in all areas leads to calm and relaxation, which we intended for the Live space.

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